Why was JVF created? Jewelry Virtual Fair (JVF) is the first international social network dedicated exclusively to the jewelry world. It was created to give a greater visibility to companies in the jewelry sector and facilitate the connection between jewelry producers and buyers, creating a network for the sector. The first can create a JVF profile and become EXHIBITORS in the Virtual Fair. The second, rather, can search and look at exhibitor profiles from all over the world, follow the favorites to receive automatic updates when they publish new items on their profile, and contact them directly.

Why do I need a profile on Jewelry Virtual Fair? If you are a jewelry producer, designer, an artisanal goldsmith or a company providing services, instruments and packaging to the jewelry industry, having an EXHIBITOR profile on JVF allows you to present your collections, introduce your work to international buyers, or let others know which fairs you are participating in. But most of all, you can publish announcements to sell your products. Your profile will be an online, dynamic, interactive, open 24-7 shop window, visited by hundreds of operators in the sector all over the world. With JVF, you can be on the web without having your own internet site.

Who can create a visible? Producers, designers and artisan goldsmiths, or companies that offer services, tools and packaging to the jewelry industry, can create a visible profile EXHIBITORS. Wholesalers, distributors and resellers can create BUYER profiles and can be used only to navigate the site, search, browse and contact EXHIBITORS.

How to create a profile? It’s very easy! Click on Register in the top right hand corner, and select the type of profile you want to create: 
- EXHIBITOR, if you are a producer, designer or artisan goldsmith, or a company that offers services, tools and packaging to the jewelry industry.
- BUYER, if you are a wholesaler, distributor or reseller of jewelry.
Complete the form, and you will receive an email with a link confirming your registration. Complete your profile by adding a photo (for exhibitors – company logo), a cover image (ex. featured piece or catalog cover), and a description of your company and what you produce. You can even give your location and the languages spoken in your company to make buyer contacts easier. The more complete your profile is, the more interesting you are in the eyes of the buyers! It only takes a few minutes, and can even be done from your smartphone.

I created a profile but I don’t see it, why? If you created an EXHIBITOR profile, you won’t see your profile online immediately because profiles must first be checked and approved by the site administrator, to avoid any inappropriate use by companies outside the sector. Your profile will be verified and approved within 48 hours.

Can I cancel my profile? Yes, you may cancel your profile at any time. To do so, login to the site (top right corner), then click on Modify profile in the personal menu of profile management. Click the appropriate button: Delete Account. Once the profile has been canceled, it cannot be reactivated, and all your data will be eliminated. You may create a new profile if you decide to change your mind.

How can I modify my profile? Login to the site (top right corner), then click on Edit profile in the personal menu of profile management.

I can’t access my profile Verify that your login data has been input correctly (capital or lower case letters). If you have forgotten your password, you may retrieve it on the Login page by clicking on Forgot my password, and following the indicated procedure. For other problems, you may ask for assistance through the “Contact us” section.

I’ve forgotten the information to access my profile If you have forgotten your password, you may retrieve it on the Login page by clicking on Forgot my password and following the indicated procedure. If you have also forgotten your user ID and the email with which you registered, ask for assistance in the “Contact us” section, or by writing to use at [email protected]

Can I change my password? Yes, once you have entered into your JVF profile, click on Edit profile in the personal menu of profile management, above right. Click on Account and insert a new password.

Can I change my email? Yes, once you have entered into your JVF profile, click on Edit profile in the personal menu of profile management, above right. Click on Account, where you may enter a new email address. PLEASE NOTE: once the modification has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email at the new email provided. The process will be completed only when you have clicked on the link in this email to confirm your change. Until you do so, the prior email contact will remain active.

Can I change my scope of work? Yes, you can change it just one time, after which you will not be permitted further changes to this category. We want to ensure that JVF is a social network of real people and agencies. To ensure that people always know who they are connecting with, we ask everyone to use the same name/scope of work that they use in real life, in order to be more recognizable. We permit only one name change for people who are registered with our site, in order to have more clearly identifiable profiles. If you require an additional change to your scope of work, contact us at www.jewelryvirtualfair.com to specify your reasons.

Can I modify my first name/last name? Yes, you can modify your first name and last name as many times as you like. This information is not visible and is only for the internal management of your profile.

Why has my profile been refused? A profile is refused when it does not respect the rules of the site, for example, if you have registered as an EXHIBITOR, but your agency does not operate in the jewelry sector, or if you have used an offensive or denigrating photo. The approval of the profile is at the discretion of the site administrator, who works to maintain uses that conform to the interests of our other registered users. For further information, ask for assistance in the “Contact us” section, or read the “Terms and Conditions”

What does “FOLLOW” mean in the profiles? Either BUYERS or EXHIBITORS have the possibility to follow profiles of EXHIBITORS to stay updated on new items and news that the latter publish on their profiles. Click FOLLOW and you periodically receive email summaries of updates for the EXHIBITORS that you follow.

What is the NEWSFEED section? The NEWSFEED section is where EXHIBITORS can publish their latest news and happenings. They are listed in chronological order, and are visible to anyone who visits the site www.jewelryvirtualfair.com.

What is the ADVERTISEMENTS section? The ADVERTISEMENTS section is where EXHIBITORS publish their announcements, which show products in stock, or specific search requests. It functions exactly like a normal SEEKING/FOR SALE page, where BUYERS can contact EXHIBITORS if they are interested in their products.

Can I change the navigation language of the site? Of course. You may use the site in many languages. Click on the top menù and choose your preference.

What are the advantages of an upgrade? It will shortly be possible for the EXHIBITORS to upgrade their profiles (paid upgrade) to make themselves more visible and increase contacts with buyers. At the moment, use of JVF is completely free of charge.

How can I publish an update (newsfeed)? Once you have logged in, open your profile page. Write your messages in “What’s new?” (text and photo, photo only, text only) and click on “Post”. You have a maximum of 140 characters, and may upload up to 4 photos per message, and upload in real time – every day, every week, or whenever you want. The more often you publish, the more you give the impression of being active and dynamic. The newsfeeds are status updates, best used to show what you’re working on at the moment, the fairs that you participate in, agency news, use of experimental techniques, etc. In this way you are always in contact with buyers who follow your business, and you attract the attention of those who don’t know you yet.

Can I modify/eliminate my published photos? Once you have logged in, open your profile page. In the column to the right, under “My Photos”, there is a button marked “Manage photos”. Click the button to open the gallery of all photos uploaded to your EXHIBITOR profile, from the most recent to the oldest. To eliminate a photo, just click on the icon next to the image. Please note: eliminating a photo will automatically delete it from published posts of newsfeeds

How many images can I upload to my profile? There is no limit of images, you may upload as many as you want in collections and newsfeeds, considering that you may upload a maximum of 4 images at newsfeed.

What is a profile, and what should I put in the description?
In the description of the profile, you have 500 characters to explain what you do, the products you make, which type of techniques and materials you use, what inspires your jewelry designs, who your collections are aimed at, etc. When you describe these, keep in mind that BUYERS may perform key-word searches, for example, if a BUYER searches on “engagement rings”, only EXHIBITORS with this combination of words in their description will appear on the search result list.

What are TAG MATERIALS and TAG TYPES, and what are they for? TAGs identify and label the materials and types of products that each EXHIBITOR uses in their work. The BUYERS may perform searches of exhibitors using key-words, for example, if the BUYER searches on “engagement rings”, only exhibitors who have inserted this TAG in their profile will appear on the search result list.

Can I modify MATERIALS TAGS OR PRODUCTS TAGS? Once you have logged in, open your profile page. In the drop-down menu, above right, click on option “Edit profile”, then click on “Categories and Tags”

What are the languages spoken? In your EXHIBITOR profile, there is an icon that identifies SPOKEN LANGUAGES. This serves to inform the buyer, or whoever is visiting your profile, that you are able to communicate in those specific languages.

Can I modify spoken languages? Of course. Once you have logged in, open your profile page. Click on “Edit profile” in the personal menu for profile management on the above right. Click on “Company information” and select up to 4 languages.

Can I modify the profile image or cover image? Of course. Once you have logged in, open your profile page. Next to either the profile image or the cover is a “Edit” button that allows you to insert new images. It is possible to change the images as often as you want.

How do I create an advertisement? Dedicated a PRO members. Once you have logged in (upper right), click on “My ads” in the personal menu for profile management. Fill in the left hand column under “Insert advertisement”, and confirm publication by clicking on “Insert”. The announcement will appear online immediately.

How can I eliminate an advertisement? Once you have logged in (upper right), click on “My ads” in the personal menu for profile management. Here you can see all the announcements that you have published, and eliminate the ones you want by simply clicking “Delete” within the announcement.

Can I contact the buyers? Dedicated a PRO members. The EXHIBITIONERS can contact BUYERS directly with jvf messenger.

Can I contact exhibitors? Dedicated a PRO members. Yes, you can, exhibitors may contact each other, clicking on the “Contact” icon represented by the image of a dialog box, present in all EXHIBITOR profiles.

I want to be contacted by buyers, what can I do? The best way to be contacted by BUYERS is to regularly maintain your EXHIBITOR profile: constantly update newsfeeds, publish collection (even past ones) so they can see your style, publish advertisements on the Buy&Sell board to promote your products… Your JVF profile is your shop window to the world, the more you take care of it, the better possibility you will have to be contacted by buyers.

How much does JVF cost? JVF is free for both EXHIBITORS and BUYERS. It will soon have new pay functionalities to increase your visibility and favor the development of your network, but your profile, and the possibility to publish newsfeeds and collections will always be free.

What are PRO services? JVF has added a new functionalities to increase your visibility and favor the development of your network. Discover all info, click here

Can I modify my profile? Of course. Once you have logged in, open your profile page. Click on “Edit profile” in the personal menu for profile management (above right). Modify all your data as you see fit.

Is my profile visible to everyone? No, only EXHIBITOR with PROFESSIONAL pack.

Can I contact exhibitors? Certainly. Click on the “Contact” icon represented by the image of a dialog box on each EXHIBITOR profile, or through the same icon in the Advertisement section.

What does “Follow” an EXHIBITOR profile? Clicking Follow, represented by the icon with an eye, present in all EXHIBITOR profiles, give you the possibility of receiving news updates on prospects who publish on their profiles. Clicking “follow”, you will periodically receive a summary “newsletter” with all the updates of the EXHIBITORS that you are following.

How can I find EXHIBITORS? You can perform various types of searches to find EXHIBITORS that produce the products that interest you. Going to the home page, you can perform searches through the search bar beside the JVF logo, inserting key-words to search for. If you insert the word “gold”, you will find a list of EXHIBITORS who feature this word in their profile. Another way to perform targeted searches is through the bar found in the first column on the left of the home page. Here you can perform specific searches, by city, material, product type, languages spoken, etc. We advise that you don’t apply too many filters to your searches, otherwise you risk limiting the possibility of finding EXHIBITORS more appropriate to you.

What is the Advertisement section? In this section, the EXHIBITORS publish their announcements relative to materials and products that they would like to sell, products stocks, or what they are searching for. Thanks to the advertisements, BUYERS can immediately see if there is something interesting on sale, and if they can directly contact the EXHIBITOR to make a purchase.

Are sales performed online? No, for now JVF offers the possibility to exchange messages. Any type of sales agreement is made between the BUYER and the EXHIBITOR, and JVF has not decision or responsibility for such


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