September marks the beginning of the new fair season even for those involved in jewelry. Appointments are many, many, especially in the first part of the month, not only in Europe but all around the world. Paris will start, with Bijorhca fair, from September 2 and 5.

Twice a year: in January and September and the Numbers we can give are very interesting: last year there were about 14,000 visitors 69% French and 31% foreigners from more than 100 countries. The increase of the visitors was 38.5% compared to the prior year … a very good signal.

What are the reasons to explain this success? Surely the fact that Bijorcha “play” the card of the dual role: proposing “Fine “and “Fashion” jewellery giving the opportunity to have a 360° view in progress on trends.

There is also the “watches” section and that of the Jewellery business.
In addition the Special area “Cream”, selects each season 25 talents in “Fashion”, in “Fine” jewellery and in accessories.

In short, there is truly something for everyone!


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