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The team of Swarovski presented as every year Gem Visions, a search that is more like a thermometer up to date and a detailed forecast on the trends that will be presented in the coming months in the field of jewelry. We “studied” and we report what will be 4 dominant themes: the trump card designer for the inevitable 2017.

Swarovski first locates the tendency “Existence” that caters to the sort of “ethical consumers” that puts at the top of the list of its priorities the spirituality and respect for the planet. We speak in this case of jewellery featuring a luxury ‘ sophisticated ‘ that they can somehow ‘ reconnect ‘ the wearer with earth or with another era. Jewels in short symbolic or significant in some way.
The second will be the trend ” Haute Gems “, which follows the aspiration to create jewelry very theatrical and dramatic perfect, in this age, voyeuristic to be immediately photographed and posted on social.
The third trend identified from Gem Visions is the “Easy-Trans-Form”. What is responding, in practice, the desire for versatility typical of life of today’s women. Perfect materials for this trend are Opal, labradorite and ceramics, gems bicolor transparent and translucent. Iridescent, transformable and adaptable to situations and times.
Finally there is the “Self-Art”. In a world in continual approval there are those who prefer to have fun and play with the materials to create a jewel taylor-made unique. The desire for creativity of this consumer is satisfied by designers who insist on customizing and contemporary approach. Mirror of a personalistic and individual way to communicate and consume.
Swarovski forecasts will be successful? We’ll find out in the coming months!


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