Masterpiece Fair


Masterpiece Fair is definitely the most chic London art fair. Its concept is encased in a sparkling series of pavilions and every summer attracts buyers and collectors around the world.

Thanks to paintings by Picasso, Seurat, Castellani (just to name a few), antiques, design, sculptures and … of course, jewelry.

Among these, all wonderful, we have selected some stands that struck our attention more than others, though, there is to say, everything is a Masterpiece ‘ doesn’t know where to turn for the incredible amount of works, among other things, in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas of London: Chelsea. The first to be suggested is that of spouses Didier and Martin Haspeslagh fans from getting to artist’s jewels.


Their corner offers miniature masterpieces of some of the greatest State of the ‘ 900. Klein, Haring, Calder and Dali, you are confronted, with jewelled micro sculptures that have reported their distinctive. Among the most amazing pieces presented there are the small Blue Venus mounted on Klein’s brooch (£ 17,000), Dali’s Persistence of sound earrings in gold, emeralds and rubies, evocatively named Man Ray, dated 1961 La Jolie and a series of small pieces of Georges Braque. Extremely modern jewelry but preserving their internal fragments of art history of the ‘ 900. . The second stand that we have selected is the visionary Theo Fennell. The British designer is participating this year a Masterpiece with some of his most dreamlike pieces.

Each earring or ring or pendant signed Fennell, indeed, carries within itself the power and charisma of a talisman joined with the perfection of craftsmanship. Among the many jewels hits the ring Underwater ring made of gold, diamond and tourmaline cabochon cut that holds within it a starfish in gold surrounded by pavé diamonds.

Is not far behind the series The Bridal Suite dedicated to the engagement: an iconic piece is the Church gate-shaped pendant with a custom image. A jewel of auspiciousness and bespoke to preserve a lifetime.


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